Here are some videos from my students. To see more, please visit my YouTube page:

Ayush plays "Asturias" by I. Albeniz

Bill plays Ain't she sweet" on clarinet, with his pre-recorded piano part

Ayush plays Prelude in Bm by F. Chopin

Tim plays "Mary, did you know"

Logan plays "Snowman" with a band

Nigel plays "White Christmas" from lead sheet

Jason plays "Nostalgia" by M. Tariverdiev

Bill plays "Rain in the Night"

Daniel and Ethan play "A Lady walking a dog"

Tim plays "Raiders in the Night"

Karen plays "O Danny Boy"

Bill plays "Dance of the Scarecrow"

Ethan plays "Star Wars medley"

Ethan plays "Calypso Rhumba" with a band

Tim plays "Bourree" by JS Bach

Kylie plays "Just Struttin' Along"

Kylie plays "City of Stars"

Don plays "Skylark" by Glinka

Tim plays "Nostalgia"

Bill plays Legend of Madrid

Ira and Lana play "Ain't She Sweet"

Kylie and Sean play "Waltz #2" by Schostakovich

Bill plays Theme from Mozart's Piano Concerto 21

Bill plays Calypso Rhumba

Bill plays Aurora Borealis

Bill plays "The Tempest"

Jamin plays "Lilly of the Valley"

Stuart plays "The Tempest"

Melissa plays "Hallelujah"

Logan plays "Tarantella"

Tim plays "Ballad" by Burgmuller

Ashley plays "At the Seashore"

Stuart plays "My Way"

Stuart plays "The Night of Tarantella"

Jason plays "Adagio" by Steibelt

Shrey plays "Jingle Bell Boogie" with a Band

Jason plays "Night Rain"

Kyndall plays "Walking in the Air"

Don plays "My Way"

Daniel plays "Waltz" with a Band

Tim plays "Winter Wonderland" with a band

RHYTHM CUPS children/parents group lev. 2, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

RHYTHM CUPS children/parents group lev. 1, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

RHYTHM CUPS Adult  group lev. 2, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

RHYTHM CUPS Mixed  group lev. 2, "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"

Donovan plays "Carol of the Bells"

Ayush plays "Nuvole Bianche"

Don sings "Away in a Manger"

Karen plays "It came upon the Midnight clear"

Presley and Karen play "Go, Tell it on the Mountain "

Ayush plays "Bourbon Street Saturday Night"

Jason plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Mady plays "Old Mac Donald"

Daniel plays "Deck the Halls"

Logan plays "Carol of the Bells"

Michael plays "Joy to the World"

Ray plays "Old Lang Syne"

Emma and Carmina play "Passacalia"

Ray plays "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Shrey plays "Shadows on the Moon"

Kyndall plays her composition "Raindrops Prelude"

Nigel and Lana play Prelude from "La Traviata"

Scott plays "The last yellow leaves"

Karen plays "Do not scold me, dear Mother"

Michael plays "The night of Tarantella"

Jamin plays "My Way"

Ethan plays "Rage over Lost Penny"

Adrian plays "Robin Hood's Bay"

Nigel plays "Two Guitars"

Clair plays "A Dance of the Scarecrow"

Emma plays "Dance of the Irish"

Presley plays "Young hunter"

Presley plays "Minuet"

Daniel plays "Goodbye, Old Paint"

Alexandra plays "Aurora Borealis"

Tyra plays "Liebestraum"

Angela plays "Fascination Waltz"

Sean plays "the Spy"

Kaylee plays "Magnolia Waltz"

Lalin plays "Aurora borealis"

Lalin plays "Lunar Eclipse"

Lalin plays "Spanish Caballero"

Alanna plays "Happy Birthday"

Alanna plays "Waltz"

Alanna plays "Old Mac Donald had a farm"

Logan plays "Ding-dong-dell"

Logan plays "Galloping Ponies"

Logan plays "Snake Charmer"

Donovan plays "Skips and Steps"

Donovan plays "Toy Soldiers"

Karen plays "Armenian Song"

Karen and Lana play "Front line Waltz"

Jack plays "The Spy"

Jack plays "Clowns"

Clair plays "Surfboard Boogie"

Clair plays "Never leave me Blues"

Jack and Clair plays "Pizzicato polka"

Jamin and Lana play "Doves of Peace"

Jason plays "Bouree" by JS BAch

Clair plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Clair plays "Do-Si-Do Rag"

Clair plays "Cat Patrol"

Clair and Jack plays "Five Foot Two"

Ayush plays "Requiem for a Dream"

Kaylee and James play "Passacalia"

Shrey plays "The Spy"

Shrey plays Tarantella Italaina

Jamin plays "Fascination" Waltz

Nigel plays Chopin's Prelude in Em

Jamin plays "Summertime Blues"

Sean plays "Prelude" in C minor

Kylie plays "Indian Serenade"

Gus and Jack play "Pizzicato Polka"

Gus plays "Calypso Rhumba"

Logan plays "Old MacDonald"

Yulia plays "Nocturne" by E. Grieg

Abby plays "Hallelujah"

Daniel and Ethan R play "Passacalia"

Clair and Lana play "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Jack B plays "Music Piece" by Sheiko

Kylie plays "Morning Snowfall"

Scott and Carly play "In the Cabin in the Woods"

Melissa plays "Aurora Borealis"

Clair plays Russian song "Oh my fields"

Clair plays "Spanish Caballero"

Clair and Jack play "Ding Dong Merrily on high"

Clair plays "Aurora Borealis"

Scott and Carly play "Oh Where?"

Kaylee M plays "My Bonnie"

Ethan R plays "Joy to the World"

Jack and Gus play "When the Saints"

Emma plays "Waltz"

Emma plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Shrey plays "Jingle Bells Rock"

Kaylee M plays "Lunar Eclipse"

Kaylee M plays "A Spooky Halloween"

Ethan R plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Jack M plays " Jingle Bells Rock"

Olivia plays Russian Song "Do not scold me, Mother"

Tim plays "St Louis Blues"

Sean plays "Raiders in the Night"

Robbie's Composition

Addie and Maddie Yu play Ding Dong merrily on High

Vivian plays "A Bear"

Maddie Yu plays Skylark by Glinka

Emma plays "Nuvole Bianche" by Ludovico Enaudi

Lydia plays "Silent Snow"

Susan plays "Fascination" Waltz"

Jason plays "Unforgotten"

Andrew's demonstration on pedaling

Peter plays "Star Wars"

Peter plays "Polushko-pole"

Trevor plays "Clock"

Robbie plays improvisation on "Carol of the Bells"

Lydia plays "Amazing Grace"

Miles sings "What a Friend we have in Jesus" with chord inversions

Ethan plays "Imperial March"

Rachael plays "Erie Canal"

Nikol plays "The Great Smoky Mountains"

Lilian plays "Baby Elephant walk"

Ethan plays the theme from Mozart's Piano Concerto #21

Irina plays "Summertime Blues" with drum beat

Robbie plays "Canon in D" by Pachelbel

Lilian plays "Indian trail"

Andrew Baker plays "Silent Night" to Bossa Nova beat

Andrew Baker plays It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Irene plays Humpty Dumpty

Andrew Baker plays When I'm 64

Jen, Iryna and Zack sing and play German song "Du, Du" 

Zack and Jen Budnick, What a friend we have in Jesus

Juliana and Jen Budnick, My Old Kentucky Home

Juliana plays Hallelujah

Ryan plays Unforgotten and Rain from Halo

Valerie plays Old Mac Donald

Andrew plays Tarantella Italiana 

Sara C plays "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" on keyboard

Sara Mang plays "Robin Hood's Bay"

Tee plays "Winnie the Pooh"

Tee plays "The Christmas Song"

Luc and Lana play "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Linh and Lana play "Silent Night"

Julia sings "Hallelujah" 

Dianna plays "Only Time" by Enya

Trevor plays "Hallelujah" by Handel

Meia plays "Mockingbird"

Julianna plays "Yesterday" by Beatles

Andrew B plays Prelude in C major by S.J. Bach

Madeline Y plays Ballade by Burgmuller

Ken and Lana play It Had to Be You

Sara C plays Sentimental Journey, keyboard

Andrew and Vivian play "Ain't she sweet"

Andrew and Vivian play "Clarinet Polka"

Olivia plays "Little Poni"

Carly plays "Pumpkin Boogie"

Jack C plays "Joy to the World"

Olivia plays "Chariots of Fire" 

Carly plays "Down by the Bay"

Erica and Lana play "Let it snow"

Gisele plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Gisele and Lana play "The First Noel"

Susanna plays "Spanish Serenade"

Arthur plays "Lone Prairie"

Joe sings "Five Foot Two"

Sara plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Karen plays "Robin Hood's Bay"

Karen plays "Goblins"

Adelaide plays Prelude in C by J.S. Bach

Adelaide plays "Manhattan 1928"

Jax plays "We three kings"

Lurie plays Malaguena

Halloween! Olivia plays "In the Hall of Mountain King" by E. Grieg

Halloween! Olivia plays "Goblins"

Cole and Lana play "Cool Cats"

Isaiah plays "Nickelodeon Piano"

Ken and Lana play "Waltz" from Cinderella ballet by S. Prokofiev

Kacy plays "Deck the Halls

Lisa plays "Waltz"

Olivia plays "Do you hear what I hear?"

Lex plays "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Young and Lana play "Silent Night"

John and Lana play "Jingle Bells Rock"

Karen and Lana play waltz "Autumn Dream"

Isaiah and Lana play "Ding Ding Merrily on High"

Kenny plays "Jingle Bells"

Kenny plays "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear"

Ryan plays "Midnight Ride"

Kyndall plays "Deck the Halls"

John plays "Boxcar rumble" with a band

John plays his composition "Spring in Paris"

Erica plays "The Tempest"

Isaiah plays Sarabande by G.F. Handel

Isaiah plays "The Great Smoky Mountains"

Arthur and Colleen play "Turkey in a Straw"

Arthur and Colleen play "What a friend we have in Jesus"

Arthur and Colleen play Ukrainian song "What a Beautiful Night"

Gabriela plays "No More A-Rushing"

Olivia plays "Aurora Borealis"

Kacy plays "Trumpet March"

Kyndall plays "St. Louis Blues"

Isaiah and Lana play "Dance of the Knights" from "Romeo and Juliet"

Nigel plays "Canzone"

Carly and Kacy play "Take 5"

Adeline plays "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Adeline plays " The Great Clock"

Gabriella plays "Tarantella Italiana"

Gabriella plays Italian song "O Sole Mio"

Isaiah plays "Autumn Song" from "The Seasons" by P. Tchaikovsky

Kaylie plays "C'est si bon"

Lex plays "Prelude in C minor"

Vadim and Yaroslav play "What a friend we have in Jesus"

Olivia sings "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Kaylee plays "Up on a housetop"

Kaylee and James play "Silent Night"

Karen plays "Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy"

Elizabeth plays "Joy to the World"

Autumn plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Isaiah and Lana play "Silent Night"

Eric plays "Aria" by J S Bach

Michelle plays "Robin Hood's Bay"

Gus plays "Indian Trail"

Michelle Q plays "Oriental Gardens"

Cole plays "Morning Snowfall"

Nigel plays "Prelude in Cm"

Ken plays his arranging of "My Ship" by Kurt Weil

Kaylie plays "The March of the Dwarfs" by E. Grieg

Jack plays "Tarantella #2"

Rowena plays "Hallelujah"

Karen plays "Come Sail Away"

Nigel and Lana play "Dance of the Knights" by S. Prokofiev

Kyndall plays "Bourree"

Angelina plays "March of the English Guards"

Michelle Q plays "Romance by L van Beethoven

Jamin plays "Cool Groove"

Lex plays "Presto" from Classic Sonatina

Susanna plays "In a blue mood"

Ethan and Lana play "Bingo"

Jack plays "Tarantella Italiana"

Kylie plays "Pachelbel Canon"

Sean plays "Starlight Prelude"

Lex plays his mix of "Skateboard" and Bach's Toccata

Kyndall plays "Whistling Joe"

Melissa plays "The Music Piece"

Lex plays his variations on DCBbA bass

Gus plays "Guitars of Seville"

Nigel plays "Nothing is finer than minor"

Shrey plays Highland Jig

Daniel plays Welcome to Spring

Emily and Lana play "Nicholodeon Piano"

Gus plays "A Song of Kilimanjaro"

Dominic plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Ethan C plays "Ballad"

Bill plays "Migratory Birds"

Karen plays "O come o ye faithful"

Karen plays "Pirate Song"

Tim plays "Boston Blues" by D. Alexander

Tim plays "Air" by D. Scarlatti

Bill plays "Indian Serenade"

Emma plays The Tempest

Shawn plays "Malaguena"

Tim plays "Prelude in Dm" by JS Bach

Jason plays "Tales from Hungary"

Logan plays "Lana's Lullaby"

Karen plays "Migratory Birds"

Jamin plays "Dance of the Knights"

Ray plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Ray plays "Old Lang Syne"

Ray plays "Away in a Manger", using chord progression

Nigel plays "Carol of the Bells"

Melissa plays "Mary, did you know?"

Oliver plats "Jingle Bells"

Neilliy plays "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

Carly and Andrew play "We 3 kings"

Kylie plays ""Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"

Daniel plays "Carol of the Bells"

Ethan plays "Frosty the Snowman"

Nicholas plays "Up in a Balloon"

Nicholas plays "Waltz"

Nigel and Lana play "Colonel Bogey March"

Tim plays "New York, New York"

Presley plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Presley and Karen plays "What Child is This?"

Pallavi plays "Happy Birthday"

Pallavi plays "We 3 Kings"

Sean plays "Over the Rainbow"

Abby plays "The First Sign of Spring"

Aiden plays "Sweet Sorrow" in Bossa Nova style

Aiden plays "Toccata in Dm" by J S Bach

Daniel plays "Spanish Caballero"

Ethan plays "Star Wars Theme"

Ethan plays "Imperial March"

Logan plays "Irish Lullaby"

Logan plays "Pumpkin Boogie"

Carly plays "Cinderella's Waltz"

Carly plays "Just Struttin' Along"

Carly plays "Shadows on the  Moon"

Jamin plays "Legend of Madrid"

Karen plays "Star Wars Theme"

Karen and Lana play Overture to "La Traviata"

Karen plays Aria from "La Traviata"

Tim sings and plays from chord progression "How Great Thou Art"

Daniel plays "The Last Yellow Leaves"

Daniel plays "Lunar Eclipse"

Daniel plays "Morning"

Jason plays "Russian Gypsy Dance"

Jason plays "Waltz" by J Brahms

Kylie plays "Surfboard Boogie"

Kylie plays "Skylark"

Ethan plays "Just Struttin' Along"

Melissa plays "Misty Midnight Garden"

Oliver plays "Pumpkin Boogie"

Oliver plays "The Last Yellow Leaves"

Donovan plays "Welcome to Spring"

Donovan plays "Robin Hood"

Karen plays "Legend of Madrid"

Ethan plays "Surfboard Boogie"

Michael plays "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Kylie and Lana plays "Waltz-Fantasy"

Logan plays "Welcome to Spring"

Logan plays "Polka"

Logan plays "Robin Hood"

Logan plays "Waltz"

Shrey p;ays "Raiders in the Night"

Scott plays "Waltz"

Kaela and Lana play "Looney Tunes"

Jamin and Lana play "Potato Polka"

Logan plays accompaniment to Jessica

Logan plays Major and Minor Chords

Sean plays "Autumn Ballad"

Kylie plays "Canzone"

Michael and Lana play "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Michael and Lana play "Syncopes"

Michael and Lana play "Looney Tunes"

Jack M plays "Raiders in the Night"

Jack and Lana play "Potato Polka"

Tim plays "Shout to the North"

Abby plays "Autumn Glow"

Christine plays "To a Wild Rose"

Christine and Ira play "Potato Polka"

Adrian plays "Waltz"

Adrian plays "The Girl"

Mollee and Lana play "La Traviata"

Logan plays "Passacaglia"

Logan plays "In a Balloon"

Logan plays "Toy Soldiers"

Aiden plays "Sweet Sorrow"

Finnli plays "Doggie Dance"

Finnli plays "Passacalia"

Finnli plays "Polka"

Donovan plays "Ode to Joy"

Donovan plays "Yankee Doodle"

Donovan plays "March of the goblins"

Donovan plays "Galloping ponies"

Jason plays "A First sign of the Spring"

Jamin plays "In the Hall of the Mountain King"

Kaylee plays "The Cat's Prowl"

Daniel plays "Toy Soldiers"

Finnli plays "Waltz"

Emma plays "Dance of the Irish"

Emma plays "Canoeing in the Moonlight"

Dominic plays "Amazing Grace"

Dominic plays "Pachelbel Canon"

Clair plays "El Toreador"

Ayush plays "Maria Rosa de Valencia"

Ethan plays "Canoeing in the Moonlight"

Allen plays "Waltz"

Christine plays a Little Prelude in C by JS Bach

Angela plays "Legend of Madrid"

Kaylie A plays "Le Coucou" by J Daquin

Kaylie A plays "Waltz" in Ab by F. Chopin

Kaylie A plays II movement from Pathetique Sonata by L. Beethoven

Atharva plays C# minor Nocturne by F. Chopin

Carly plays "Jazz Reflection"

Aiden plays "O Christmas Tree" jazzy version

Anna pays"Jingle Bells Rock"

Jacob plays ""Angels we have heard"

Carly plays "Carol of the Bells"

Jacob plays Russian song "A little Fur Tree"

Daniel R plays "Old MacDonald"

Ethan R and Lana plays "The First Noel"

Jacob plays "Toy Soldiers"

Jacob plays "Bingo"

Shrey plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Kylie and Sean play "Ding-dong Merrily on high"

Bob plays "Love Story"

Ksenia and Peter play Five Foot Two

Ksenia and Peter play Ida

David plays "In the Hall of mountain king" by E. Grieg

Bob G plays "Dream a little Dream of me" on digital piano

Lilian and Lana play and sing "Rudolph"

Sara plays "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"

Leanne plays "Go tell it on the Mountain"

Andrew Nguen plays "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

Leanne plays Serenade by F. Schubert

Miles plays his composition "Peachy Orchards"

Bob plays "Ave Maria" by F.Schubert

Trevor plays Goblins

Dianna plays Robin Hood's bay

Dianna plays Scales and Arpeggios from  movie Aristocats

David speaks about chords

Erica plays Fairies' Harp

Diana plays Malaguena

Ethan plays and sings Winter Wonderland

Lilian and Lana play Syncopes

Ethan plays Chant

Robbie's composition

Andrew Nguyen plays "Jesus Loves me"

Basia plays "June" by Tchaikovsky

Angie plays "Axel F"

Erica plays Prelude in F

Irene and Ethan play Love Me Tender

Diane plays Stars of Spain

Andrew and Vivian Nguen :-) giggling party :-) play O Mio Babbino Caro duet

Andrew Baker plays Mozart's Fantasia in d minor

Andrew Nguen plays "Solfeggietto" by Bach

Vivian Nguen plays "Yesterday"

Brooklyn plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Zack B wishes you "White Christmas

Sara plays "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus"

Irene and Ethan play "Pardone Moi"

Andrew N and Lana play "Sweetheart Tree" by Henri Mancini

Leanne plays Nocturne in C by E. Grieg

Leanne and Lana play Waltz from "Masquerade" by A. Khachaturyan

Andrew B plays Armenian Song by Khachaturyan

Andrew N plays "New Orleans 1928" by Faber

Carly plays "In the cabin in the Woods"

Tee plays "Syncopes"

Meia plays "Amazing Grace"

Meia plays "Scarborough Fair"

Yulia sings "Colors of the wind"

Yulia sings "Nobody knows a trouble I've seen"

Karen and Kathleen play "Silent Night"

Karen and Kathleen play "What a friend we have in Jesus"

Leanne plays "Winter Wonderland"

Yulia plays "Night in Venice"

Karen and Kathleen play "O Holy Night"

Lauren D and Lana play "Sound of Music"

Vivian plays "Rocking around the Christmas Tree"

Andrew plays "Jingle Bells Boogie"

Vivian and Andrew play "Frosty the Snowman"

Eva and Elijah play "Pizzicato Polka"

Arthur plays "Down by the Bay"

Lilia plays "Juggler"

Yulia plays Mozart's Fantasia in D minor

Eva and Lana play "By the Sea"

Karen and Kathleen play Edelweiss

Laura plays Square Dance

Olivia plays "Beautiful Dreamer"

Carly and Andrew play "Blue Moon"

 Kaylie plays Prelude in E minor by F. Chopin

Kaylie and Lana play "Princess Waltz" by M. Schmitz

Kaylie plays " Adagio and Furiant" by Z. Fibich

Kaylie plays "Fantasia in D minor" by W.A. Mozart

Karen plays "It came upon the midnight clear"

Cozette sings "Silent Night"

Kaylie and Lana play "Pizzicato Polka"

Adelaide plays "Black Cat Rag"

Karen plays "Canzone"

Chianna plays "Carol of the Bells"

Alayah plays "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"

Jax plays "The Little Drummer Boy"

Vadim plays "Carol of the Bells"

Young and Lana play "Happy Birthday " to Aaron

Vadim plays Boxcar Rumble

Kaylie plays "Poem by Z. Fibich

Kaylie plays "Skylark" by M. Glinka 

Kaylie plays " Bourree in Em" by J S Bach

Kaylie plays "Bourbon Street Saturday Night"

Kacy plays "Canzone"

Irene plays "Fascination Waltz"

Isabella sings "O, Where?"

Seth plays "Summertime Blues"

Isaiah plays "It's been a long, long time"

Adeline sings "Red River Valley"

Kaylie plays Waltz #2 by Shostakovch

Kaylie plays "Misty"

Kaylie plays "Over the Rainbow"

Kaylie plays "Prelude in Dm by J S Bach

Kaylie plays "Bravissimo!"

Kaylie and Lana play Waltz from "Masquerade" by A. Khachaturyan

Isaiah plays "Prelude in Em" by F. Chopin

Isaiah plays "My Way"

Andrew B plays II movement Adagio from Sonata in F by W.A. Mozart

Kaylie A plays Nocturne in Eb by F. Chopin

Isaiah plays "Romeo and Juliet" by Nino Rota

Kaylie A. plays "Barcarolle" by P. Tchaikovsky

Susanna plays "Nothing I've ever known"

Kaylie A. plays "Nuvole Bianche"

Kaylie plays "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus"

Ethan plays "Jingle Bells Boogie"

Carly plays "Classic Sonatina"

Kyndall plays "O come, o ye faithful"

Vadim and Yaroslav play Ukrainian song "Wind"

Vadim and Yaroslav play "O Holy Night"

Rowena plays "Jingle Bells" jazzy version

Kaylie, Yulia and Lana play a romance "the Fire of Desire" by M. Glinka

Kaylie A and Lana play "Waltz" from opera "Ivan Susanin" by Glinka

Kaylie A plays "The Moment" by Sheiko

Kaylie A and Lana play "Jealousy Tango"

Kaylie A plays "Serenade" by F Schubert

Kaylie A plays "Shelter"

Yulia plays "Poet's Heart" by E. Grieg

Kaylie A plays "Arabesque" by Debussy

Ken S plays his arranging of "My Ship"

Kaylie A plays "Jackson St Blues"

Kaylie A plays "Romance" by S. Rachmaninov

Kaylie A plays "Golliwog's Cakewalk" by  Debussy

Kaylie A plays Invention in F by J S Bach

Olivia plays "Indian Serenade" by M Mier

Sean plays "Little Serenade" by J Haydn

Kaylie A plays "Reverie" by Debussy

Rowena plays "Skylark" by Glinka

Kaylie A plays II movement from Bach's Concerto in Fm

Ethan C plays "Faded Letter"

Ethan C plays "Spinning Song"

Yulia plays "Nocturne by E Grieg

Tim plays "Musette"

Bill plays "Jingle Bells"

Kylie plays "Frosty the snowman"

Nigel plays "Dance of a Sugarplum Fairy"

Ray plays "Just a closer walk with Thee"

Ray plays "What a friend we have in Jesus"

Logan plays "Mocking Bird"

Tim plays "dance of the Scarecrow"

Logan plays "All the Pretty Little Horses"

Ray plays "Lilly of the Valley"

Kylie plays "Love Story"

Don plays "Fallen Leaves"

Don plays "Big City Blues"

Tim plays "Hat Rag"

Ray plays "The first sign if the Spring"

Emma plays "Forest Drums"

Logan plays "Dance of the Irish"

Emma plays "From a Wigwam"

Michael plays "Legend of Madrid"

Yulia plays Canon in D Pachelbel-Winston

Nika plays"Jingle Bells" with a band

Ira, Lana and dogs play and "sing" "The Old Piano" :-)

Christine and Lana play "Ding-Dong Merrily on High"

Kim plays "O Holy Night"

Jane plays "Carol of the Bells"

Sean plays "Let it Snow"

Kim plays "The Tempest"

Jamin plays "Tales from Hungary"

Emma plays "Waltz"

Sean plays "A Whole New World"

Kylie plays "Nuvole Bianche"

Tim and Lana play "Orange Boogie"

Matthew plays "Brown Bag Boogie"

Presley plays "Spooky Halloween"

Donovan plays "Pumpkin Boogie"

Nika plays "Misty"

Oliver plays "In the Hall of the Mountain King"

Tyra plays "Special Moments"

Jackson plays "Waltz"

Kyndall plays "Witch's Cat"

Atharva plays "Clair de Lune" by Debussy

Atharva plays Nocturne in Eb by F. Chopin

Atharva plays "Rondo alla Turka" by W.A. Mozart

Ayush plays a version of "Hungarian Rhapsody #2" by F. Liszt

Kyndall plays her composition "Celtic Spring"

Sean plays "My Way"

Aiden plays "Sunset in Rio"

Atharva plays "Waltz in C#minor by F. Chopin

Presley plays "Last yellow leaves"

Carly and Scott play "Waltz for Mom" 

Logan plays "Down in the Valley"

Ethan plays "Imperial march"

Michael plays "The Rocky Mountain Train"

Michael and Lana play "March of the English Guards"

Tim plays "Sh-Boom" from Chord Progression

Tim plays "Goblins' March"

Ethan plays "Mystic Midnight Gardens"

Gus plays "Blow, Wind, Blow" Pirate song

Kim plays "Amazing Grace"

Kim plays "Calypso Rhumba"

Ethan plays "Looney Tunes"

Matthew plays "Waltz"

Carly plays "Nothing is finer, than Minor"

Abby plays "Indian Serenade"

Ethan plays "African Celebration"

Ethan plays "Box Car Rumble"

Ethan plays "Spanish Caballero"

Bella plays "Jumping Jazz Cat"

Angela plays "Doves of Peace"

Cody plays "Waltz"

Lex plays "Toccata in D minor" by J S Bach

Emily plays "Solfeggio"

Emily plays "Skylark" by M. Glinka

Nigel L plays "Bravissimo!"

Joshua plays "Dance of the Irish"

Nigel plays "Jingle Bells" jazzy version

Carly plays Calypso Rhumba

Emma plays "Lunar Eclipse"

Bella plays "Cat Patrol"

Bella plays " Spanish Caballero"

Jamin plays"Maple Leaf Rag"

Kyndall plays "Spanish Serenade"

Irene plays "Autumn Glow"

Irene plays "MedievalFair"

Mollee plays "Memory"

Ayush plays Brahm's Waltz

Ayush plays "Music Moment" by Sheyko

Angelina plays "Frosty the Snowman"

Ethan C plays "Linus and Lucy"

Ethan C plays Ghost Busters"

Bella plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Angelina plays "The Night of Tarantella"

Angelina and Lana play "Box Car Rumble"

Ethan C pays " Spanish Serenade"

Yulia plays Fantasia in D minor by V.A. Mozart

Nikol plays "Seascape"

Sean plays "The Legend of Madrid"

Skyler plays "Waltz"

Miles sings "Red River Valley"

Keaton and Lana play Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"

Keaton and Lana play "Orange Boogie" by Manfred Schmitz

Keaton and Lana play "Dance of the Knights" from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by S. Prokofiev

Jack and Rita play "Waltz"

Erica and Trevor play "Waltz"

Emily and Max play "Passacaglia"

Chad plays "St. Louis Blues"

Andrew plays "Coconut Shuffle"

Peter and Ksenia play Russian Romance Song

Miles sings "Medals for Mothers"

Robbie's Fantasy on "Moonlight Sonata" Theme

Vivian and Andrew play a duet: Russian song "Moon is shining"  

Brooklyn plays "Syncopes"

Irina plays "Mickey-Mouse"

Trevor plays Trumpet March

David plays Erie Canal

Irina and Lana play Waltz by Petrov

Vivian plays Jesus loves me

Maddie and Addie play Princess Waltz

Julianna plays Mocking Bird

Keaton plays Poet's Heart by Edvard Grieg

Keaton and Lana play C'est Si Bon

Kaylee plays The Great Smoky Mountains

Addie and Maddie play Never On Sunday

Angie plays Halleluja

Julianna plays Vivace by Carulli

Trevor and Lana play Waltz Dream

Addie and Maddie play Happy Trails

Andrew Baker plays Piano Man

Maddie and Addie play La Paloma

Keaton plays Bumble Bee Boogie

Lauren sings Silent Night

Tee plays Waltz

Irene plays Hedgehog

Dianna plays Shadows on the Moon

Gisele plays Carol of the Bells

Gisele plays Silent Night

Yulia plays O Holy Night

Vivian plays "Jesu Joy the Man Desire"

Andrew Nguen plays "Winter Wonderland"

Andrew and Vivian Nguen play "Ding-Dong Merrily on Hight"

Andrew Baker plays "Serenade" by F. Schubert

Andrew Baker plays "Whispering"

Madeline Y plays "Summertime" by Gershwin

Trevor and Erica play "Que Sera"

Yulia sings Russian Song "Dark Eyes"

Zack sings "Let it Be" by Beatles

Julianna and Lana play "Hey, Jude" by Beatles

Andrew B plays Chopin's Prelude in B minor

Andrew N plays "Bagpipes" by J.S. Bach

Erica and Trevor play "Hello, Dolly!"

Ayla and Sienna play "Up on a housetop"

Nik plays Variations on Russian folk song "The Birch Tree" by Berkovich

Lauren plays National Anthem

Elijah plays "Great Smoky Mountains"

Arthur plays "Almost like a dream"

Isaiah plays "Carol of the Bells"

Jeff T. Plays "Morning Snowfall"

Irene plays "The Hunt"

Kacy and Lana play "Pep Rally"

Meia plays "Surfboards"

Susanna plays Theme from "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky

Susanna plays "Happiness"

Andrew B. plays "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven

Isaiah plays "My Way" from Frank Sinatra repertoire 

Yulia plays Nocturne in E b  by F. Chopin

Yulia sings "Yesterday"

Alayah plays "Cat's Meow"

Alayah and Jacinta play "O Holy Night"

Alayah plays "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Chianna plays "Malaguena"

Jax plays "Morning Snowfall"

Jax plays "Angels We Have Heard On High"

Jax plays "Tango"

Susanna and Lana plays waltz "Autumn Dream"

Susanna plays "Let it Snow"

Irene plays "Ding Dong Merrily on High"

Laura plays "Joy to the World"

Laura plays "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Adeline plays "Amazing Grace"

Cozette plays "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"

Chianna plays "the Duke of York"

Adeline plays "Marianne" with a band

Lurie plays "Syncops"

Lex plays "Skateboard"

Jack plays "Looney Tunes"

Lurie plays "Coconut Shuffle" with a band

Karen and Lana play Russian Folk song "Moon is shining"

Olivia sings "Oh, Susanna!"

Sierra plays "Doggie Dance"

Gus plays "Rock-n-Roll is here to stay"

Corin and Dillon play "Down in the Valley"

Susanna plays "Ashokan Farewell"

Trevor sings "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

Seth plays "Ballade" by Burgmuller

Corin and Dillon plays "Capriccio Italien"

Susanna and Lana play "Ain't She Sweet"

Susanna plays "Ashokan Farewell"

Jax plays Sonatina in C by Steibelt

Nigel plays "Strawberry Malt"

Kacy and Carly play "On the Sunny Side of the Street"

Ira, Natasha and Lana sing Russian song "In the Forge"

Vadim plays "Ballade" by Burgmuller

Andrew B plays "Whispering"

Olivia plays "O, Christmas Tree"

Cole plays "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Mollee plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Mollee plays "Carol of the Bells"

Vadim plays "O come, o ye faithful"

Susanna plays "O Holy Night"

Susanna plays "Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy"

Melissa and Oliver play "Silent Night"

Mollee plays "Carol of the Bells"

Nigel plays "Bourbon Street Saturday night"

Nigel and Lana play "Orange Boogie"

Eric S plays "Go no-more a-rushing"

Eric plays "Gigue in A major"

Yulia plays "Poet's Heart" by E. Grieg

Eric plays Minuet in Gm by J S Bach

Eric plays Musette by J S Bach

Susanna plays "Nothing I ever know"

Susanna plays "Beautiful Dreamer"

Eric S plays "Aurora Borealis"

Joe and Lana sing "Moscow Nights"

Kylie plays "Pink Panther"

Olivia plays "Dance of the Scarecrow"

Sean plays "Erie Canal"

Dominic plays "Prelude in F" by J S Bach

Shrey plays "In the Hall of Mountain King"

Shrey plays "Malaguena"

Rowena plays "Kobold by E Grieg

Tim plays "Autumn Ballade"

Olivia plays "The Great Smoky Mountains"

Gus plays "Sailor's Song"

Tim plays "Maria Rosa de Valencia"

Kylie plays "POlka" by Glinka

Ethan R and Samantha play "Silent Night"

Tim plays a Theme from Secret Garden

Presley plays "Winnie the Pooh"

Presley plays "The Star Wars Main Theme"

Emma plays "Dance of the Irish"

Shawn plays "Waltz"

Shawn plays "Midnight Ride"

Sean plays "Amazing Grace"

Emma plays "Scottish Bagpipes"

Pallavi plays "Waltz"

Ray plays "Lunar Eclipse"

Ray plays "The Last Yellow Leaves"

Karen plays "Silent Night"

Jane plays "It Came upon the Midnight clear"

Jane plays "Joy to the World"

Nika plays "Canal Street Blues"

Kyndall plays "Night Rain"

Kylie plays "To a Wild Rose"

Tim plays "Russian Gypsy Dance"

Kim plays "Dance of the Scarecrow"

Shrey plays "Just Struttin' Along"

Adrian plays Prelude in E minor by F. Chopin

Adrian plays "Red Convertible"

Adrian plays "Ballad" by Burgmuller

Adrian plays "The Tempest"

Adrian plays "Lonesome Road"

Adrian plays "Yellow Bird"

Adrian plays "Imperial march"

Ayush plays "Autumn Ballad"

Ayush plays "Indian Serenade"

Ayush plays "Love Story"

Ayush plays "River flows in you"

Carly and Lana play "Potato Polka"

Carly and Lana play Waltz "Autumn Dream"

Carly plays "A Sign of Spring"

Nigel plays "Sh-Boom" from a lead sheet

Courtney sings "What a friend we have in Jesus"

Courtney sings "Loch Lomond"

Tara plays "Fiesta"

Tara plays "Pumpkin Boogie"

Donovan plays "Up in a Balloon"

Tim plays "Bourbon St Saturday Night"

Nigel plays "In the Hall of Mountain King"

Tim plays Chopin's Prelude in Em

Tim plays a "Little Prelude in C by JS BAch

Tim plays "Spinning Song"

Presley plays  "Passacalia"

Kim plays Calypso Rhumba

Keyboard evolution presentation part 1 by Lana Smith; Nigel L, Kaylie A and Yulia S performing samples of keyboard pieces from various historical era

Keyboard evolution presentation part 2  by Lana Smith; Kaylie A and Yulia S performing samples of keyboard pieces from various historical era

Keyboard evolution presentation part 3:  keyboard instruments from the great era of inventions

Shane plays his arrangement of "Journey to the center of the Earth"

Kylie B plays "Shadows on a Moon"

Jason S plays "Joy to the World"

Jason S plays "Pachelbel Canon"

Carly and Scott play "In the Cabin in the woods"

Tim plays "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Jason plays "Carol of the Bells"

Daniel Z plays "Joy to the World"

Daniel Z plays "My Pony"

Angelina plays "Jingle Bells Boogie"

Angelina plays "Santa Claus is coming to  town"

Bella and Lisa play "Silent Night"

Bella and Lisa play "Jingle Bells"

Bella plays "Dance of the Irish"

Kaylee M plays "Deck the halls"

Kyndall plays "White Christmas"from lead sheet

Jason plays "What Child is this"

Melissa plays "Beauty and the Beast"

Oliver plays "Angels we have heard on high"

Oliver plays "We three Kings"

Ethan and Rowena play "Knight Rupert"

Jamin plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Jamin plays "Clowns" and Toozie the Dog sings along

Rowena plays Nocturne in C#m by F Chopin

Rowena and Lana play "What child is this?"

Kim plays "Robin Hood's Bay"

Emily plays "Night in Venice" by Minicetti

Kyndall plays "The Swan"

Daniel plays "Ocean Waves"

Eric plays "The Spy"

Eric S plays March of Chernomore

Carly plays "Autumn Glow"

Karen plays " Faded Letter"

Karen plays "Starlight Prelude"

Aiden plays "The Tempest"

Karen plays "Faded Letter"

Nigel plays "Toccata in Dm" by J S Bach

Ethan and Rowena C play "Knight Rupert" by R. Schumann

Aiden B plays "Caramba!"

Abby plays "Shadows on the Moon"

Thomas plays Chopin's Prelude in E minor

Stefani and Lana play Princess Waltz

Keaton plays "We are so far away" by Adam Nerland

Brooklyn plays "In the Cabin in the Woods"

"Moon River" on a digital piano

Nikol plays "Love Story on a digital piano

Basia plays Haydn's Serenade

Basia plays "Mattinata"

Ken Stewart's Composition #1

Ken Stewart's Composition #2

Ken Stewart's Composition #3

Robbie's Improv

Stefani plays "Afro-Cuban Lullaby" arranged by Ken Stewart

Lillian plays "Wild Dance"

Andrew Nguen (6 years old) plays "The Tempest", he works with a pedal extension

Stefani and Lana play "Dance of the Knights" from "Romeo and Juliette" ballet by Prokofiev

David plays "Phantom of the Opera

Robbie's Variations on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Cowboy Lullaby by Kenneth Stewart

Chad plays Tarantella Italiana.MTS

Tim and Nick play Five Foot Two

Jason plays Air by Telemann

My Wild Irish Rose by Jen and Juliana Budnick

Kaylee plays Snowflake Rag

Leanne plays Misty

Maddie plays Raiders in the Night

Dianna plays Mr MacGill with a band

Addie and Maddie play Edelweiss

Emmi plays Old MacDonald had a Farm

Meia plays Jumping Jazz Cat

Sara plays The Old Grey Mare on keyboard

Trevor and Erica play "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Ethan and Irene play "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Leanne plays "Joy to the World"

Gisele and Lana play "Adeste Fidelis"

Andrea sings "We wish you a Merry Christmas" 

Ethan plays "Thunder and Blazes, or Entrance of Gladiators"

Julianna plays "Let the Force be with you", from Starwars

Jen and Zack perform a song "Annie Laurie"

Leanne T plays "Serenade" by F. Schubert

John plays cowboy song "Good Bye, Old Paint"

Meia plays " Amazing Grace"

Vivian and Andrew play "Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Madeline and Adelaide play "Ain't she sweet?"

Madeline and Adelaide play "Orange Boogie"

Adelaide plays "Spanish Serenade"

Carly plays "The Beach Party"

Lauren plays "Edelweiss"

Lauren plays "My Favorite Things"

John plays his variations on "Wigwam"

Meia plays "Waltz" from "Merry Widow" operetta

Meia sings and plays "Jingle Bells"

Sara M and Lana play "the First Noel"

Carly plays "Joy to the World"

Sienna plays "Pachelbel's Canon"

Alayah and Lana play "Boogie on Broadway"

Meia plays "Caramba!"

Kathleen and Karen play "Pizzicato Polka"

Alayah and Lana play "Zum Gali Gali"

Irene plays "Brown Bag Boogie"

Camryn plays "Yankee Doodle"

Laura plays "Firefly"

John plays "Rustic Dance"

Jack M and Lana play "Tuxedo Junction"

Carly and Andrew play "Hot Summer Blues"

Eva plays Prelude in C minor by Morovsky

Eva and Elijah play We wish you a Merry Christmas

Eva and Elijah play Joy to the world

Carly and Kacy play Pizzicato Polka

Erica plays "Over the Rainbow"

Erica plays "O Come o ye Faithful"

Adelaide plays Romance by Beethoven

Adelaide plays "It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas"

Cole plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Jack C plays "I saw three ships"

John plays "Jingle Bells"

Corin plays "Go, Tell it on the Mountain"

Carly and Kacy play "Jingle Bells"

Carly and Grandmother play "Jingle Bells"

Sierra plays "We Three Kings"

Masha plays "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Eva plays "Canzone"

Sofia plays "Polka"

Adeline plays "Pep Rally" with a band

Adeline and Lana play "Looney Tunes"

Adeline plays "Brown Bag Boogie" with a band

Lisa plays "Polka"

Vadim plays "The Great Smoky Mountains"

John plays "James Bond Theme"

Kyndall plays "Russian Riders Song"

John plays "Turkish March" by L. Beethoven

Laura plays "Almost like a Dream"

Isabella plays Ukrainian song "The Girl"

Adeline sings "My Bonny"and controls a digital "band"

"Waltz" by Adeline

Lisa plays "Pony"

Sofia and Olga play "Summertime Polka"

Corin plays "Goblins"

Nigel and Lana play "Baby Elephant walk"

Corin plays "Halloween v2" by Kyndall Payton

Nigel plays "O Danny Boy"

Karen and Lana play Waltz #2 by Schostakovich

Carly plays "Jingle Bell Rock"

Irene plays "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Lana and Scott play "Winter Wonderland"

Jack C plays "in the Hall of Mountain King"

Anna plays "Carol of the Bells"

Gus plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

Jack and Gus play "Silent night"

Jack plays "Imperial March"

Irene plays her version of "Santa Claus is coming to town"

Noah and Jessica play Passacalia

Isabella plays "On Parade" 

Jack plays "The Tempest"

Rowena plays "Fascination Waltz"

Ethan C plays "Clowns" by Kabalevsky

Ethan C plays "The Great Smoky Mountains"

Ethan C plays "The Music Piece" by Litovko 

Ethan C plays "Oriental Gardens"

Ethan C plays "Autumn Ballad"

Ethan C plays "Shadows on the Moon"

Joe sings "On the Sunny Side of the Street"

Nigel plays "Papers, please!"

Ethan C plays "Whistling Joe"

Karen plays "Medieval Fair"

Karen and Lana play "O Mio Babbno Caro"

Eric plays "Nicholodeon Piano"

Eric plays Prelude in E minor by F. Chopin

Ayush plays "Meadowlands"

Anna plays "Wild Dance"

Ethan C plays "Summertime Blues"

Dominic plays "Moonlight Sonata"

Jamin plays "March of Chernomore"

Shrey plays "Indian Trail"

Shane plays "Fenix"

Shane plays "March of Moscow Defenders"

Tim plays "Summertime Blues"

Angelina and Lana play "Box Car Rumble"

Sean plays "The Legend of Madrid"

Ethan C plays "Spanish Serenade"