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Tuition is required at the first lesson of every month and paid in advance for a current  month.  Tuition is non-refundable.

Lana's Music Studio provides 4 lessons per  month.  The fifth week of the month is dedicated to the teacher's planning, learning and improving teaching technique. 

We encourage our students to set up recurring monthly payments through their own bank.

We accept cash and checks and online bank payments through Zelle.  All checks should be paid to Lana's Music Studio, Inc

We do not accept credit cards. You can make a bank online payment through Zelle  to: 719-231-1616

Music expense (such as music books) is extra, and is the responsibility of the student. 


Students are encouraged to attend all lessons. Since a student's progress depends on regular lessons and practice, we hope every effort will be made to attend each lesson. 

If a student gives a two week notice regarding scheduling conflicts, the lesson will be rescheduled. Only one lesson per month can be rescheduled at the instructor's convenience.

No credits or rescheduling will be given for missed lessons (no-show, a day before or the same day notification, or if a student is 10 or more minutes late for a lesson without a serious reason). 

If the instructor is going to be absent, at least 2 weeks notifications will be given to all students; lessons will be rescheduled for make-up mostly before instructor's leave, or after instructor's return.

Lessons will be skipped only if both student's and instructor's schedules do not allow any possible time for a make-up lesson.


Lessons may be terminated at the end of any month after two months of lessons provided, and a one month's notice is given. 


The Music Studio is closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, July 4th, and vacation time (to be specified by the instructor).


If the weather conditions are dangerous for driving, we can meet online via a free web conferencing software Zoom.

The Studio has a Virtual Piano settings: you will see three screens: a view of a teacher, a view of the keyboard and hands, and the music piece notes we are working on.

We can do an online lesson via FaceTime on iPhones, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, but you will not be able to see all 3 screens. I still can help you in your  piano progress via all apps listed above.   

All above is applied to your health conditions: 

if you are not feeling well, coughing or sneezing, PLEASE DO NOT COME and bring your germs to share!

We have from 40 to 65 people a week to teach.   We don't want to share our germs, either. Please use online options. 

In the event of a social distancing due to a Flu or Virus outbreak, online lessons will continue your  progress.

If you cannot do an online lesson for some reason, it will be made-up during the year.